“In the past 6 months we uncovered
storming gains of...

                                .   23.15% in March 2017
                                .   46.04% in March 2017
                                .   11.33% in June 2017
                                .   18.48% in July 2017
                                .   29.46% in July 2017


We’ve been dying to bring you the biggest, fastest gains from the new market rally, but we’re forced to stay mum.

Today, we can share them with you”


Dear Investor,

How would you like to capture returns of 11.33% to 46.04% in less than one month, just by taking advantage of today’s market?

It may sound like a dream – but let me assure you, these gains are real and well within your reach. In the last six months, we’d have alerted some FSPInvest readers to a series of terrific opportunities that could have made you astounding profits, fast.

Such as:

• 23.15% from Anglo in 3 days

• 46.04% from Shoprite in 7 days

• 11.33% from Richemont in 14 days

• 18.48% from Billiton in 14 days

• and 29.46% from Discovery in 17 days

We publish SA’s largest and most successful stock market tip sheets, Red Hot Penny Shares, Real Wealth and South African Investor. And over the years we’ve helped our members make serious gains. But, there are ways to get in on quicker, more lucrative trades like the ones above.

Why do we keep these lightning-fast trades a secret –
even from our own readers?

It’s not that we didn’t want to tell private investors such as yourself about them. It’s the fact that we couldn’t.

Let me explain...

All of the trades we’re talking about were time-sensitive and short-term. In fact, in some cases it was crucial that you bought and sold the share at precisely the right time to capture the profits. Leave it a day too late, and the opportunity would have been gone.

We knew that even if we told you about these fantastic buys, we wouldn’t be able to tell you when to sell in time to profit! These adventurous trades come and go so quickly, by the time the newsletter goes to print, the opportunity is a dead duck.

So that’s why we haven’t shouted about these fast trades. Until now...

You see we created a stand-alone exclusive limited membership trading service called Red Hot Storm Trader.

The bad news for most investors is that places are strictly limited. We already have a small number of current FSPInvest members. But here’s why I’m writing to you now...


Just 55 places are being opened up... And I'm inviting YOU
to take one of them today

55 places have recently become available, and today YOU have a chance to claim one of them. What's more, I'd like you to put my tips to the test without risking a single cent of your own money. I'll explain more about that in a moment.

The real beauty of short-term trading is it's perfect for making profits in any market. That's because you can make money from share prices going up, OR going down. Trading on falling share prices is called 'short-selling' and it's one of the most overlooked, yet most exciting ways to make money in today's stock market.

The market has moved pretty much sideways, with the JSE up a meagre 5.4% from August 2016 to August 2017. We knew this wouldn’t last forever but definitely didn’t expect the market to be so flat for so long.   

Now before we take a look at exactly how you can enjoy these fantastic returns, allow me to issue a word of warning:

Fast action trading is not for the faint-hearted.Yes, it's exciting, thrilling and you get a real rush when you close a trade at a fantastic profit. But you do take a bigger risk to capture those profits. If you're comfortable with the risk and want to have some fun, then short-term trading could be the perfect complement to your existing investment strategy.

And another thing. To really take advantage of our trading tips, you've got to be prepared to act fast. If I send you an urgent email and SMS saying SELL, don't wait around a couple of days before calling your broker, do it asap! That way you won't miss out on those juicy gains you're looking for.

Trading is really reserved for a certain kind of investor: Someone who's happy with a little more risk in return for the thrill of bagging short-term gains. Someone who loves dipping in and out of shares to capture fast profits.

If this sounds even a bit like you, then boy, are you going to love being a hot-footed trader! It's exhilarating, rewarding, and personally, I love it. In fact, just two or three trades can have you laughing all the way to the bank and then some!

Take this humdinger of a trade for example...

How we used our JSE and market analysis to turn
R10,000 into R14,604 in just 7 days!

A big factor in global markets over the past few months has been the volatility. My research indicated the market was stuck in nowhere land, not knowing what to do or where to go next.

This means that opportunities abound for the eager trader. I had my eye on a large retailer that was looking very good. With price increases coming through and an investor day coming up there was lots of interest in this great share!

We managed to get in and out of a trade in Shoprite within 7 days and bank a considerable 46.04% for our trouble. Now that’s peace-of-mind trading in anyone’s book!


  YES! I want to start profiting today

The ‘Red Hot’ tips have to be sent direct to you by urgent email –
or you might miss the opportunity

If you too had been there to receive this tip on 14 July 2017 this year, all you would have had to do is either make a short phone call to a broker or log onto a website and click a few buttons. (We’ll send you a free guide to trading and short-selling CFDs when you sign up for the service.)

On the 31st, just 17 days later, you’d have received another email and you’d have banked yourself a wonderful 29.46% gain.

And this is what makes the Red Hot Storm Trader service so unique in the market.

Rather than receiving tips at regular monthly or weekly intervals, as you might from the normal kind of tipping service, you receive urgent alerts whenever required. Sometimes we only have a matter of hours to get into a trade, so once an opportunity is spotted, you can expect to receive messages at any time of the day.

These messages will take no more than 10 minutes to read; two minutes to act upon; but can make you as much as 29.46% in 17 days! You get all the fun and excitement of fast-trading profits with none of the hard work or stress. It’s that extra thrill that both your life and bank balance have been looking for!

This is how fast and easily you can make profits using this unique short-term trading service. And remember these are real gains, made by existing subscribers.

We also use these techniques in rising markets just as well, as the above trade could have worked in reverse in a rising market. That’s why this form of trading is so exciting.


It’s not only rising shares that can make you money… Here’s how
we locked in a 23.15% gain from a FALLEN share…

I noticed Anglo American mining company share price was overpriced compared to the rest of the resource sector.

It looked like Anglo was ready to finally drop in price. I decided it was time to take advantage of this downside to come to make a decent profit for my subscribers.

I then sent out a quick tip to Red Hot Storm Traders to sell, Anglo on the AGL CFDs. (You will learn all about CFDs and how to profit from the downside with share prices when you join.)
As expected, the sell-off came soon after.


There was only one way this share was going in my view…
and that was DOWN

And down it went. From our initial price of R199.06 to R188.00 within just 3 days. I informed my members to bank their profits for a healthy 23.15% gain. Sometimes it can be so easy to pick up a quick 23.15% gain in a matter of weeks, even days, while most other investors have to wait a full year to get a meagre 10.5%. But that's the beauty of the kind of short-term trading strategies I use in Red Hot Storm Trader. Of course, it only takes a small move on the underlying share for us to profit. That’s the power of gearing.

Consistent profits of 11.33%, 23.15% and 46.04% are now completely possible, quickly and easily because I do all the number crunching for you.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and tell your broker what to buy. Finally, you can take the sleepless nights out of your short-term trading by subscribing to Red Hot Storm Trader today.

Are you getting an idea of how quickly you could reap these kinds of profits? That's what I love about short-term trading, there's just no hanging around! Simply follow my recommendations, make a couple of phone calls to your broker and you could end up a few thousand rands richer in a matter of weeks. And what I've covered is just a sample of the exciting traders we've located. You could have also bagged winners like these:

29.46% in just 17 Days!

  • My trading system recently showed that an insurance company was trading ridiculously cheap. If you snapped up the Discovery CFDs you would have gained 29.46% in less than one month.
  • Richemont could have been another great winner for you. If you'd received my buy and sell tips for this beauty you could have banked a smoking 11.33% gain in just 14 days.
  • If you'd bought the CFD on resource company, Billiton in July 2017, you'd have enjoyed a juicy gain of 18.48% in just 14 days.

Just about every week, we come across prime profit opportunities like these. And remember – from now on, I'll be able to tell you about every single one of them. You'll never have to miss out on gains of up to 46.04% again!


  YES! I want to start profiting today

The secret of successful trading is knowing when to SELL…

There is no doubt about it: successful trading is knowing when to get out of a position to reap the profits. If you leave it too late, you could end up losing out. This is why I’ll recommend you sell out as soon as a share has reaped a decent profit. So even though this means you may only reap gains of 11.33% to 46.04% … and you might find the share price goes up a bit further after you sold it, this is by far the safest way to trade.

What’s more, consistent returns of 11.33% to 46.04% could make you a small fortune if you decide to reinvest your profits each time you trade.

Of course, in real life, you’ll find your returns vary. Some months they could be higher, some months lower. And you’ll no doubt shoulder the occasional loss with some trades. That’s to be expected – even the best traders take losses. If this is too scary a prospect, then this type of trading is probably not for you. But when your gains far outweigh any loss, that’s when you become one wealthy, happy trader! And that’s what we want you to enjoy as a member of my Red Hot Storm Trader service.

But on no account do we expect you to take my word for it. That’s why we’ve arranged for you to try out Red Hot Storm Trader absolutely risk-free for three whole months. During that time, if you find you are not making returns of 11.33% to 46.04%, then let me know and we’ll give you a full subscription refund.

How’s that for a fair deal? I’ll give more details on how to claim this special offer in a moment. But before I do – I’ve been saving the most exciting element of being a fast-action trader until last…

How to profit when a share goes DOWN - the thrill of short-selling
(it’s easier than you think)!

With the market volatility of late, there are crazily undervalued companies out there, priced far lower than they are actually worth. But there are more of these high-flyers yet to be discovered. And this is your chance to profit from their inevitable rise…
I’ve already included a spectacular example of the power of shorting shares. Red Hot Storm Trader members have made 23.15% shorting Anglo. Such opportunities are few and far between when the markets are as bullish as they’ve been in recent times.

However, we’re nearing the turning point – and the opportunity to SELL shares will soon outweigh the opportunities for buying… It’s a well known fact that the markets fall quicker and harder than they climb – so you’ll appreciate the opportunity for profits are greatly magnified.

As a member of Red Hot Storm Trader, you’ll get the opportunity to sell companies ‘short’. This means that instead of profiting when the share price goes up, you’ll actually profit when the share price goes down.

Just like conventional trading, the key to short-selling is being able to dip in and out of shares quickly. That’s why in Red Hot Storm Trader, I’ll be able to alert you to every red-hot shorting opportunity I come across.

Today’s volatile market is primed for selling short. Even in a stock market rally we experienced, there are companies whose share prices head south. It’s inevitable – if a company’s share price is overvalued, or if it releases a poor annual report, its share price is bound to drop – and that’s when we short-sellers can really make a nice buck!

I’m always on the lookout for individual companies due to hit hard times – and make our small circle of members a tidy profit. And if you accept a 3-month risk-free trial of Red Hot Storm Trader, you can too...

Short-term trading is easy, with these FREE step-by-step guides to trading…

Now, if you’ve never traded CFDs before, don’t worry. It’s easier than it sounds, it’s easy to pick up and you’ll soon understand the most fascinating and exhilarating elements of short-term trading.
What’s more, we’ll send you a special online guide to show you exactly how to short-sell and trade CFDs on the JSE, FREE with your risk-free trial.

The Secrets of Successful Trading

In this fascinating online guide you’ll discover what CFDs and short selling involves, the best way to go about it and how to impose a stop loss so you don’t get exposed to unnecessary risk. You’ll also read about tips on short-term trading, brought to you by some of the top traders in the global markets.

Financial experts love to make CFDs and shorting sound complicated. It’s not. By using this guide, and examining the shorting recommendations I send you during your three-month risk-free trial, you’ll become an expert trader in no time. What’s more, you’ll be in line to capture potentially massive profits!

The Secrets of Successful CFD Trading

This online report leads you through all the ins and outs of CFDs trading, including:

• Laying the groundwork: CFDs basics made simple

• How to find the winning trades and make big money from CFDs

• How to buy CFDs and deal with your broker

• The secrets to successful CFD plays

• How to use the power of leverage to your advantage and much, much more.

The Secrets of Successful CFD Trading Strategies

This is where we get a bit more advanced. I'll explain some of the more in-depth strategies you can use to determine breakout trading and CFD plays. This free online report will enable you to understand how some of these advanced strategies can actually be applied in practice, quickly and easily.

Here’s what you can expect as a member
of this unique trader service…

There are so many storming trading opportunities out there right now, I’m chomping at the bit to tell you about them.
And as of now, you can get in on all of them through my trader service, Red Hot Storm Trader – which you can try risk-free.
Remember – this service is highly specialised and intended to complement your existing investment strategy.

So here’s how it will work...

Whenever I spot an upcoming opportunity, I’ll let you know immediately by sending you an email and SMS. I won’t waste time spell-checking and making sure it looks pretty, so don’t expect the bulletin to be perfectly designed. The point is to get the important information to you as soon as humanly possible.

I’ll also send you a bulletin whenever it’s time to get out of a share so you can limit losses and bank your profits.
And whenever I send you advice, I’ll make sure it comes with a clear explanation, so you can judge for yourself and make your own decision on how to act.

Now, even though the bulletins I send you are urgent, this doesn’t mean you have to wait by your computer every minute of the day to make sure you receive them on time. But you will have to check for messages at least once a day.
And, of course, with the SMS alerts you’ll know straight away.

What’s more, you won’t necessarily receive these bulletins on a regular basis – one week you might receive one or two, the next week you might get nothing, but they’ll average out to about one bulletin per week. We’ll just dispatch the news to you as and when it comes. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll be one of the first to enjoy the thrill of quick-witted trading and reap the fast 11.33% to 46.04% returns we’ve seen today. But don’t just take my word for it. Try out the Red Hot Storm Trader service, absolutely risk-free!


  YES! I want to start profiting today

Sign up for a risk-free three-month trial and see for yourself
if Red Hot Storm Trader could make you fantastic
returns, fast!


I’m convinced you could be raking in regular gains, week after week after week. But I want you to try out my service yourself.

Register today, and for the next three months, you can take full advantage of my bulletins and trading recommendations. If you’re understandably cautious, you can ‘paper trade’ – which means you can monitor my recommendations and see how they fare, without actually investing any money. 

If, during these first three months, you're not delighted with my performance and want to cancel, just let me know and you'll receive a full subscription refund, no questions asked. And if you decide to cancel any time after that, you'll receive a full, pro-rata refund for all months remaining on your subscription.
The official annual fee is set at R3,700… that's just R925 per quarter! No more, no less. I'd like to think that's a small price to pay to receive winning share tips!
If you find that Red Hot Storm Trader is not paying for itself within the first three months of your subscription, then let me know and I'll send you your full subscription refund. No questions, no quibbles.
Along with the profit-packed bulletins, you’ll receive my specially commissioned guide, Red Hot Storm Trader's Secrets of Successful Trading, Quick Start to Trading CFDs and my recommended Broker Letter so you can immediately double your opportunity to make money in today’s market. These guides will be a great aid to your trading – whether you choose to continue your subscription or not. And being gifts, they’re yours to keep no matter what you decide.

So you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose by accepting this invitation. All you have to do is try my service out for yourself over the next three months and see for yourself whether Red Hot Storm Trader can truly bring you high-level returns, fast.

There's just one proviso - you MUST be one of the first 55 private investors to apply. I want to keep this service highly exclusive, so once I hit the 55 mark, no one else will be allowed in. At that point all you can do is put yourself on the waiting list in the hope that a space may become free.

So if you're keen to get in on the thrills and rewards of high-octane trading, you've got to act now, before it's too late! Simply fill out your risk-free trial application form on the next page.

I can't wait to prove to you how much money you could make over the next three months!
Happy trading,

Timon Rossolimos
Head trader:
Analyst, Red Hot STORM Trader

  YES! I want to start profiting today

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